Warehouse racking and racking installers, Devon

What We Do

  • Relocation of all Warehouse & Office Equipment
  • Moving Company Archives
  • Dismantle & Relocate Shelving Systems
  • Dismantle & Rebuild Pallet Racking
  • Moving Palletised Stock
  • Waste Clearance
  • Expand Racking & Shelving Systems
  • Downsizing of workplace environment
  • Re Design Racking & Shelving systems for optimum space utilisation
  • Dismantle & Rebuild Mezzanine Flooring and Storage Platforms
  • Reconfigure & install new Mezzanine Floors and Storage Platforms
  • Turnkey warehouse move
  • Plan your current & new warehouse
  • Buy any unused surplus equipment
  • Install offices and Suspended ceilings
  • Devise `fit in` solutions for warehouse, retail and commercial environments
  • Create storage and picking spaces
  • Move warehouse and industrial equipment
  • Relocate Storage space and equipment
  • Seek planning approval and building regulations

Downsizing, expanding, or moving your Warehouse?

Adding greater flexibility to your warehouse operations?

We can help you reduce warehousing costs and provide maximum customer satisfaction

Equally the objective can be more specific, such as maximizing warehousing space, provide maximum flexibility in the warehouse or to increase warehousing efficiency without increasing resources…

CWM provide warehouse relocation and refurbishment services throughout:
Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.